Let's Raise Some Dough

Cookies For A Cause

Creating a brighter future, one Really Good Cookie at a time!


Our goal is to create a sweeter future for our neighborhood schools, athletic teams, and communities.

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Express your love by sending a box of cookies to someone special. No matter where they are in the country, your gift will not only satisfy their sweet tooth but also continue to support your cause. Each purchase is a sweet way to make a difference.


Why Should You Partner with RGc?

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Support Local Education:

By partnering with Really Good Cookies you can share benefits with local schools and help provide essential resources to enhance the learning experience for students.

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Empower Athletes:

Contribute to the success of your local sports teams by helping them purchase equipment, uniforms, and facilities they need to excel.

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Strengthen Our Community:

When you partner with our fundraiser, you're investing in a stronger, more vibrant community for everyone.

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6 Easy Steps to Fundraising

  • Fill out the request form below, to get your approval and fundraiser set up. Once you receive your RGC ID# and your fundraising materials in the mail from us, you are ready to get started!

  • Designate one person to be the Team Captain. This individual will be responsible for distributing all forms, compiling all sales to the master sheets, and submitting the master sheets along with payment to RGC.

  • Create your fundraising timeline: RGC needs 3 weeks of production time, starting the day the master sheet is received and paid in full. We also recommend at least 2 full weekends for your RGC Ambassadors to sell.

  • Ready, set, sell! Your RGC Ambassadors are free to share the seller's forms with anyone interested in purchasing cookies. Remember, these cookies can be delivered all over the US, making these the perfect treat for a distant loved one.
    • Collect all Sellers Forms, and have your Team Captain transfer final sales to the Master Sheet. Please note, this must be turned in 3 weeks prior to desired delivery date.

    • Submit Master Sheet and Delivery Forms to RGC via email or in the mail. RGC will ship or hand-deliver the cookies (if in our delivery zone) at or around the requested delivery date.

Complete and submit the following form to initiate your cause.

    For any questions, please email us directly fundraising@eatreallygoodcookies.com