Who we are

We are a community of cookie-obsessed creatives on a mission to bring people together
through the joy of a really-good-cookie.

 Our Really Good Cookies Story

At Really Good Cookies, we put everything into making sure that every cookie you get from us is, well, really good! Our cookies are comprised of only the best ingredients so that you can be sure you are getting the finest, most delicious cookies. And since we are a small group of real, cookie-loving people, we are passionate about what we do—from the first bite to the next bite, and the bite after that.

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Meet Haley

Our founder, Haley, has perfected the art of creating really good cookies. After 6 years of mastering the art of cookie-making, and with thousands of cookies under her belt (literally!) Haley’s journey has shaped her into the ultimate cookie connoisseur. 

Haley's Story

Legends in the baking

We’re proud to be a certified Woman-Owned Business. It means we're a company of baking-(girl)bosses, turning up the heat in the baking world, one cookie at a time.


You can’t make really good cookies without really good ingredients. So, we wanted to showcase all of the components that we combine to make these cookies really good!

  • We fill our Chocolate Chip Cookies with 30% of the finest all-natural Chocolate Chips.

  • We use all-natural, real butter to make our cookies and buttercream frosting exceptionally decadent, rich and tender.

  • Our cookies are baked daily, free of preservatives to ensure the ultimate fresh and home-baked taste.

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