Really Good Retirement Custom Cookies

A Sweet Cookie Party Favor 

A photo of Really Good Cookie's train Custom Cookies and photo cookies for a retirement.

A Sweet Send-Off: Celebrating Eric Usina's Retirement

At Really Good Cookies, we're always thrilled to be part of life's significant moments, but some occasions feel particularly special. Recently, we had the honor of playing a role in celebrating the retirement of Eric Usina, a remarkable individual who dedicated 40 years of service to the Florida East Coast Railway. It’s not every day we get to celebrate such an illustrious career, and we were delighted to contribute to this joyous occasion.

Eric's retirement party was a beautifully orchestrated surprise by his former colleagues, recognizing his long-standing commitment and numerous achievements within the railway industry. From starting his career in 1984 as a Student Switchman to retiring as a Road Foreman of Engines, Eric's professional journey is nothing short of inspirational. His dedication and hard work have left a lasting impact, making it only fitting that his send-off be equally memorable.

A Personal Touch with Custom Cookies

The highlight of the celebration was the thoughtful touch added by Eric’s daughter, Jodi. Understanding her father's deep connection to the railway and wanting to honor his career in a unique way, Jodi turned to us at Really Good Cookies. She requested custom cookies that not only tasted delicious but also captured the essence of Eric's career. We were tasked with creating custom cookies shaped like trains, paying homage to the countless hours Eric spent on the rails. But Jodi didn’t stop there; she also ordered photo cookies featuring an image taken of Eric aboard one of his trains, bringing a personal and heartwarming element to the dessert table.

A photo of Eric holding his Really Good Cookie's train Custom Cookies and photo cookies for a retirement

Sweet Symbols of Dedication: Custom Cookies That Captured a Career on the Rails

These custom train cookies and photo cookies served as a sweet reminder of Eric’s dedication and a symbol of his passion for the railway. Guests at the retirement party were delighted by the creativity and personalization of the treats, making the celebration even more extraordinary. 

At Really Good Cookies, we believe every cookie tells a story, and being able to tell Eric's through our cookies was a privilege. His retirement party was a testament to a career well spent, filled with achievements, challenges overcome, and, most importantly, the respect and admiration from his peers. We are honored to have been a part of such a momentous occasion in Eric's life and wish him all the best in his retirement. It’s opportunities like this that remind us why we do what we do at Really Good Cookies – to add sweetness to life's most important moments, one cookie at a time.

Congratulations, Eric, on your well-deserved retirement. Here’s to you and the sweet adventures that lie ahead!

Eric and his family at his retirement party.
A photo of Really Good Cookie's train Custom Cookies for a retirement party favor.
Really Good Photo Cookies of Eric for a retirement party favor.