Really Good Logo Cookies for a Trade Show 

Delicious Branding for LAG Equipment

Really Good Logo Cookies for a Trade Show

Custom Logo Cookies Boosted LAG Equipment's Presence 

We recently had the opportunity to work with a client, LAG Equipment, which manufactures equipment in the steel industry. LAG requested custom logo cookies to use for the 2024 AIS TECH tradeshow, located at the Columbus, Ohio Convention Center. We created two different designs for them including their branding: half of the logo cookies included their logo, the other half included an image of their machine on the cookie. The client was thrilled with the success of the cookies at the tradeshow. They found that the cookies helped to draw people to their booth and start conversations about their products and services.

The client described that the cookies were a fun and memorable way to engage with potential customers and leave a positive impression. They noted that not only were the cookies visually appealing, but they were also delicious, and people kept coming back for more. Their only “complaint” was that they ran out of cookies the first day, and would need to order more cookies for the next show.

Really Good Logo Cookies for a Trade Show
Really Good Logo Cookies for a Trade Show

Here are 5 reasons why logo cookies are a fantastic tool for trade shows:

1. They are a unique, joyful and tasty way to promote your brand, which will leave a memorable impression.

2. Whether you choose to customize your cookies with your logo or a picture of your product, cookies are sure to attract attention and draw people to your booth.

3. They are easy to transport and set up: cookies arrive individually wrapped in clear bags and tied with white bows, so they are ready to go for display.

4. Logo cookies are easy and simple to order and can be shipped directly to the event location.

5. They are a marketing tool that doesn’t go to waste (those magnets and pens typically end up in the trash).