Really good Creative Fundraiser Ideas 

Partnering with Mount Lebanon High School's Junior Class

Image is from Really Good Cookies recently partnered with the student council at a local high school for a creative fundraiser.

Creative Fundraising Ideas in Action with Mount Lebanon High School

At Really Good Cookies, we are deeply passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and our fundraising program is just one way we strive to make a positive impact in our community. This month, we had the privilege of partnering with the junior class student council at a local high school, Mount Lebanon High School, for a special fundraiser. The student council purchased our individually wrapped soft-baked cookies in bulk and set up tables right outside of the classrooms after school, engaging with a flood of students eager to support their cause. We were thrilled to be a part of the event, assisting the students with setting up and attending the fundraiser while helping the students sell the cookies. The students’ creative approach to marketing and engaging in the fundraiser made the cookie sale a great success.

For this particular fundraiser, we dropped off the cookies along with some RGC branded supplies to aid their selling efforts. We provided branded tablecloths, literature about the cookies, and fun stickers to enhance the event. When we dropped by the fundraiser after the students had set up, we were delighted to see the vibrant (and really on-brand!) atmosphere that they had created. The students were not only selling the cookies but were engaging in a lively dancing party, having fun with the cookies and stickers we had provided. It was particularly fun to witness their creativity regarding marketing the event by using social media. We loved the group of girls who brought a tiny microphone and created a playful reel to “rate” the cookies they were selling. Their infectious energy and innovative approach to marketing and promoting the fundraiser left us inspired and reminded us of the power of youth-driven initiatives.

Creative Fundraising Ignite Community Spirit

As we witnessed the camaraderie and teamwork displayed by the students, it brought back nostalgic memories of our own high school days, working together with peers to achieve common goals. It was heartwarming to see the students come together to make a difference, all while enjoying our sweet treats. The fundraiser was not only a success in terms of raising funds but also in fostering a sense of community and collaboration among the students.

This event highlighted the success that comes from using creative approaches to fundraising. This group turned a batch of individually wrapped cookies into an entire after-school event, just by using the cookies, some branding materials, and a whole lot of energy. Plus, the marketing involved by promoting the approaching fundraiser aided the success of the fundraiser. It was truly a sweet and memorable experience for all involved, and we look forward to being part of more creative fundraising events in our community.

After witnessing the success of Mount Lebanon High School Junior Council’s Fundraiser, here are some creative ways they utilized to make fundraisers a success:

1. Promote the event: Use social media platforms such as email, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and word of mouth to creative awareness

 2. Location, Location, Location: pick a high-traffic time and place. Choose the location for the fundraiser during a high-traffic time and destination to generate more sales (such as right outside of classrooms after the school bell rings).

 3. Stock Up: Order enough cookies! If you have a goal of raising $500, make sure you order enough inventory to get you to that goal. We’ve experienced previous fundraisers where the group says “We wanted to raise X amount” yet they didn’t order enough product in the first place to make that amount. The good news is that even if all the cookies don’t sell during the first fundraiser, the cookies can be sold the next day, or frozen until fully depleted.

4. Team Up: get everyone involved. Creating momentum for the event, especially by those selling is super important. Make sure the entire group is educated on the brand, and the product, and get everyone pumped!

5. Demos: Most consumers buy with their eyes! Demonstrate consuming the product (ie. The difficult task of sampling the cookie) and advertising the senses and experience. By creating “cookie rating videos” for example, or showing people the deliciousness of a cookie, you will inspire others to try them out!