A Really Good Corporate Event with logo cookies

Featuring Optimum Water Solutions 

Handing out Really Good Cookies Gift Boxes at a Corporate Events

Elevating Corporate Events with Custom Logo Cookies 

We were so thrilled to have our cookies featured the entire weekend of a large corporate yearly “kickoff” event. Optimum Water Solutions, a business-to-business bottle-less drinking water solutions company, with offices up and down the East Coast, hosted their yearly sales motivation and sales learning “kickoff” event in Orlando, Florida in early January. It was important to the Optimum team to go “over-the-top” with branded paraphernalia for their entire sales team and vendors in attendance, with swag bags full of branded goodies, as well as various themed events. We were equipped with a rather large budget and left in charge of showering all 50 guests with Really Good Cookies for a three-day extravaganza.

 We thought it would be ideal to set the cookie tone by placing a branded logo cookie inside of Optimum’s “swag bags” that were going to be placed in each employee's room. The swag bag included some motivational sales literature, branded jackets, a branded card, and our branded logo cookie, all packed inside of a branded backpack. These logo cookies are a fantastic addition to any corporate event, and the novelty of a printed design on a cookie always creates fun, light-hearted conversation. What we love about our buttery, crunchy logo sugar cookies is that the artwork is printed directly onto a thin layer of royal icing, so that the cookie tastes delicious as it looks. Many logo cookies and cakes are printed onto a thin layer of sugar paper, which is just as unappetizing as it sounds.

Really Good Cookies Logo Cookies
Really Good Cookies Logo Cookies

Celebrating Success with '70s-Themed Logo Cookies

The next part cookie initiative was to create another branded cookie, this time being placed at the “70’s” themed dinner in the evening. Because the purpose of this event was to celebrate accomplishments, give awards, and create comradery, we thought it would be fun to feature the CEO of the company in a rather unconventional way. Two weeks before the event, we snagged a photo of the CEO dressed for the event in costume and photoshopped the title of the event with his photo. This cookie was placed at every place setting at the event so that when all guests sat down, they would be met with their CEO in a rather silly formation. This was a highlight of the dinner and created many laughs, conversation, and fun at the event. People also enjoyed the taste of the cookie too, a bite often paired with “Wow, I am surprised how good these taste!”

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Leaving a Lasting Impression with Really Good Cookies

The last cookie touch of Optimum’s Kick-off was to leave each employee with a classic dozen variety box of our soft-baked cookies as a departing gift from the event. We thought this would be a nice way to send off each guest so that their family could enjoy a taste of the kick-off event from home. We received many compliments on the packaging and enjoyment from family members and friends. Between dozens and dozens of printed logo cookies, and our classic boxes of soft-baked cookies, Optimum’s marketing team who planned the event marked our cookie contributions as an “utter success”. That’s the thing we love most about cookies; their ability to bring people together and create fun and meaningful conversation, even in a professional and often rigid corporate setting.

Handing out Really Good Cookies Gift Boxes at a Corporate Events
Assorted Really Good Cookies on a display table, creatively packaged as corporate event favors.
Handing out Really Good Cookies Gift Boxes at a Corporate Events

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